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The goal of the laboratory of neurobiology of the visual cognition is to boost vision and attention in order to alleviate visual deficits following an ocular disease, concussion or stroke. The research program aims at (1) understanding mechanisms of cortical plasticity and visual pathways, (2) slowing mechanisms of retinal damage in particular vascular inflammation and (3) potentiating residual vision at the level of the cerebral cortex following a partial visual deficit. The involvement of the cholinergic system in these processes is investigated with particular care. We work with animal model but also implement the research advances on clinical setting.

Research Projects

Vision Recovery with the help of a visual training coupled with cholinergic potentiation : animal model and Human implementation.

Neuronal circuitry of visual perception: from primary visual cortex to prefrontal cortex. Anatomonfunctional study and modulation by the cholinergic system.

Vascular inflammation in the retina and pharmacological treatment by the kallikrein-kinin system.

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Journal of Physiology - Paris

The special issue of the Journal of Physiology - Paris, Cholinergic influences on vision, edited by Elvire Vaucher was published in December 2016. Thank you to all the excellent authors who contributed to this special issue.

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Mira Chamoun

Mira Chamoun has received the Award of Excellence in the oral presentation by a PhD graduate category at the last annual meeting of the Vision Health Research Network.