Opportunities Graduate Students:

Graduate Students:
We are currently recruiting motivated Master’s and Doctoral candidates for fall/winter 2021 who are interested in visual neuroscience. We are interested in the complex and fascinating interactions between spatial attention, visual perception and movement planning. We use behavioral studies to test healthy people and those with pathologies and neurological problems to investigate different aspects of these functions. For more information visit the home page.

The School of Optometry currently offers a Master’s as well as a PhD. Program in vision sciences. For more information, please see the School of Optometry website (http://www.opto.umontreal.ca), specific Master’s program - in french (https://admission.umontreal.ca/programmes/maitrise-en-sciences-de-la-vision).  Specific PhD program - in french (https://admission.umontreal.ca/programmes/doctorat-en-sciences-de-la-vision).

The Université de Montreal’s official language is French, however Anglophone graduate students may write their theses in English. There are also some minimal courses to take, which are mostly in French, but there is flexibility for Anglophones.

Students will receive funding of approximately $21,000 CAD per year for Master’s students and $24,000 CAD, for PhD students, which includes the possible funding from teaching assistantships and scholarships. International tuition fees are fully covered for international PhD students (only domestic fees are payable) and partially covered for international Master’s students. Note that due to a France-Quebec treaty, French students pay domestic fees for both Master’s and PhD.

Interested students should contact me at aarlenne.khan@umontreal.ca.

Post-Doctoral Research Fellows:
Post-doctoral research fellows interested in the lab’s research are invited to contact me. I am unable to provide postdoctoral funding at this time but those interested in applying for external funding are welcome to contact me.

Undergraduate Students:
There are available opportunities for motivated undergraduate students who are looking to volunteer to gain research experience during the year, with the possibility of being hired over the summer. Students looking for internships are also welcome to contact me. Summer NSERC funded research opportunities are also possible. Please contact me at aarlenne.khan@umontreal.ca